Get your brain cells working and get knee deep in a heated and pep Quiz.

Do you think you can fight it out in a battle of wits? And claim the ultimate prize? Come along to work your grey cells and compete in the General Quiz. The quiz will consist of two rounds:

1)Preliminary/written round
2) Stage finals

1)Open to first and second years and all branches.
2)Students are to participate as a team of two.
3)First round is an elimination round consisting of fill in the blanks types or answer in a word types. Worksheets with the questions will be provided to the participants.
4)No negative marking. Top 10 teams will get qualified for the next round based on the number of right answers.
5)Final round will be a visual round where the questions will be displayed on the screen and the answers need to be written down in a paper.
6)Teams are supposed to submit the answer sheets as soon as they finish answering. Only the first 5 teams answer sheets will be evaluated.
7)Team with the highest right answers and relatively smaller time compared to other teams will receive the first prize.

Team with the highest right answers and relatively smaller time compared to other teams will receive the first prize.

  • On The Day

  • Time of the event

    1:30 pm
  • Venue

    Hi tech seminar hall, DES
  • Event Name

    Biztech Quiz
  • Event ID

  • Registration Cost

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