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The first and second year students are the ones who are most enthusiastic about all the clubs an engineering college has to offer, one such club being IEEE. To ensure the active participation of the first as well as second year students, we held a mini project exhibition with the first two year students as participants and the third and final year students as mentors/guide for their project. The exhibition involved groups each consisting of 3-4 members. The exhibition was graced by the presence of the H0D of Electronics and Communication department, Dr. Selvi Sethu who was also the Chief judge for the event. Other professors of various departments too joined in to encourage the budding talents of future.


The mini project exhibition was held on 21st Nov. 2016, in LHC block. The event was inaugurated at 1:00 am. The participants came up with their own innovative ideas and did a really great job in their project. Almost all the projects were based on the trending topics such as Internet of Things(IoT), Surveillance, Robotics, etc.

Many projects that the participants came up with, few of them are listed as follows:

  • Home Automation using IoT
  • Line following Robot
  • Gesture controlled Robot
  • Persistence of Vision
  • Remote controlled Car
  • Smart line follower with Obstacle detection
  • Automatic plant watering system
  • Pattern drawing Robo
  • Colour detector and segregator
  • Automatic Solar panel cleansing system
  • Self Balancing Robo
  • Surveillance Robot

The event was successful with a large number of participants as well as spectators.