Aren’t we all fascinated with robots? Here is an opportunity for all the beginners. Come, learn,implement and innovate! Mini Project Competition is an initiative of the RoboRIT Club of IEEE-RITB. Open to all the first and second-year students from all branches, it provides a platform for emerging
innovations in the field of robotics……</>

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The event will be scheduled in 3 main stages:

  1.  Project Review: In this stage, students will build their projects adhering to some basic rules and regulations under the guidance of their mentor. (Mentor will be assigned to every team who will only guide and supervise the project to make sure of its progress). The projects will be evaluated before exhibiting them.
  2. Project Exhibition: This is the final stage where your projects will be displayed and shall be reviewed by the judges. All the participants must be ready with a presentable project and a copy of documentation of it for submissions.The winners will be declared and will be awarded certificate and exciting cash prizes. The decision of the judges will be the final. Also, all the participants shall receive the participation certificate.

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The competition shall be held in two categories

Specially for students who are new to robotics and have no prior experience in the field but
are curious to explore the possibilities it offers.
1. Participants must be in teams of maximum 5 members and minimum 3 members. They can be from first year or second year.
2.Team shall choose any one Project from the project list given and can add innovative touch to it.
3.The main moto of the competition is for you to study the components used, understanding the working of each part along with basic coding skills.
4.Each team will be assigned a student mentor.
5.The teams will be judged entirely on completion, efficiency, presentation, innovation,practical implementation of the project.

6. After the internal evaluation depending on the confidence of the team and mentor the team under the category can slide to the “SPÉCIALISTE” category and will be judged under “SPÉCIALISTE”

Participants with prior knowledge or experience with Electronics, Design, Development, microcontrollers fall under this category.
1.Participation must be in team of maximum 5 members and minimum 3 members. Can be from both first and second years.
2.Teams can incorporate the ideas of the projects listed under the category 1 as long as they are not the main idea of the project
3. Based on their prior encounter with engineering projects and their present curiosity, teams can propose and new idea they want to work on.
4. The teams may be assigned a student mentor.
5.The teams will be judged entirely on completion, efficiency, presentation, innovation, practical implementation of the project.
6.Once registration is done under this category they cannot shift to “DÉBUTANT” category.

people who have missed workshop and willing to take part in MiniProject Exhibition,Here’s the study material for you all

Arduino workshop(Click Here To Download)

List of Projects For Beginners

1. GSM controlled Robot
2. Bluetooth Controlled Robot
3. Arduino base drawing Robot
4. Automatic Plant water system
5. Simple home automation(fan and light with pwm)
6. Theft detection system
7. Simple arduino based calculator
8. Arduino based water level indicator(with display)
9. Arduino based gas lekage detector and fire alarm
10. Arduino based alarm clock
11. Morse code decoder
12. Density based traffic signal system
13. Automatic food and water dispenser for pet
14. Speed checker using IR sensor to detect rash driving

15. Password based locking system
16. Metal detector
17. Arduino based auto intensity control of street lights
18. DTMF based electronic voting machine using arduino
19. Arduino based sun tracker
20. RFID based car parking system
21. RFID based door lock system
22. Line follower
23. Arduino Solar Tracker
24. Arduino 4-Digit 7-Segment LED display
25. Tilt sensor with Arduino
26. Home Security Alarm System using AArduino
27. Rotary Encoder with Arduino
28. Arduino Alarm clock
29. Arduino based digital thermometer


1.Teams must be formed by 25th April 2019.
2. The teams must use only Arduino Uno 3-5 members in a team.
3. The team must meet the deadlines and no extension shall be provided      under any circumstances.
4. The team must submit their idea in the form of a basic draft approved by their mentor.
5. The Arduino(s) and cable(s) ONLY shall be provided by IEEE-RITB (if required) and MUST be  returned after the exhibition.
6. The final documentation of the project also must be submitted on the day of exhibition.
7. The teams are free to use their own components.
8. Certificates will be provided for competition as long as the project is exhibited at the event.

Registration procedure and fee

Participant can register as an individual or as a team(min of 3 max of 5).
Registration fees is for both Mini Project competition and workshop
1. 150 rupees for a NON IEEE member individual registration.
2. 100 rupees for an IEEE member individual registration.
3. 600 rupees for a NON IEEE members team registration.
4. 400 rupees for a team with a minimum of 2 IEEE members team registration.

Payment Instructions

1. Participants must transfer the equivalent to this given number ‘7250996657’ via Paytm or PhonePe
2. Mention your full name, USN, branch and also the type of registration in the description of the payment.
3. Proceed to pay
4. You will then receive an email with a link to pay
5. Individual/Team representative must note down the Transaction ID
6. Take the screenshot of the payment and token number(that will be sent to your registered mail id) and send it to mentioning your Name, USN, Branch and category again in the body of the mail.
7.Failing to follow any of these instructions will lead to disqualification of individual/team registration


Online registrations end at: 20 th April 2019.
Finalization of team and submission of idea: 25 th April 2019
  • On the day

    18th May 2019

  • Time of the event

    We’ll Update Soon…..0000!!

  • Venue

    LHC 2 nd floor and 3 rd floor

>>As you all know that you need to take part in MiniProject Exhibition as a team consisting of 3-5 members.
>>You will have to fill this form by 25th April 2019 20:00 hrs.
>>Plz go through this form carefully and fill it ,And dont keep it till the last date cause you need to upload a document to the form.

>>And only the first 15 teams who register this form completely fill get Arduino (one piece) if required.
>>Also one person in a team register this and make sure other memebers names are uploaded in the document that you need to upload.

Only teams who have finished the registration process can register for Miniproject Exhibition

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