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IEEE MSRIT WIE Affinity group, in collaboration with IITB, Mumbai conducted a one day workshop on Python Programming for girls. It was held on 10th September, 2016 (Saturday) from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. More than 45 college students from MSRIT and other colleges participated in the workshop. The workshop was conducted in IBM Lab of Research and Development block of MSRIT.

The speaker for the day was Mr. Suman Devnath, a 2007 graduate from West Bengal University of Technology, currently working as Principle Software Engineer in BroadCom. The crowd by addressed by Aditya Kalyani, IEEE MSRIT chair; followed by Mr. Suman Devnath.  After a brief introduction about himself, Mr. Devnath began the workshop with an Introduction to Programming Languages in general, steadily shifting to the Importance and scope of Python Programming language, to all the enthusiastic minds present.

After a three hours session of basic programming with Python, the participants dispersed for Lunch which was arranged by IEEE WIE Affinity Group. After the lunch break, concepts such as functions, files, modules, decorator, dictionaries, etc were covered. Before winding up the 6 hour long workshop, Mr. Devnath shared some e-books, videos and study materials with the students. The event was brought to an end by a Thanks giving speech by Aditya Kalyani.