Thermo Charades




Thermodynamics is a common subject for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and various other fields. Hence this is our small approach to engage everyone in these varied fields together. This is your chance to showcase your charades skill.


  1. Every team must consist of 2 members only.
  2. Necessary equipment will be provided.
  3. Usage of internet during the event is strictly prohibited. (Any team found using phones will be disqualified).
  4. The coordinators’ decision is final.
Two teams will be chosen randomly and they will be made to compete.
Participants will be given 5 words. From every team one person has to enact the word and the other will guess.
Time taken to guess every word will be noted down.
The team which guesses the maximum number of words in the shortest time will move on to the next round.
The teams which qualified in the 1st round will enter the 2nd round.
This round is called ‘CONNECTION’.
Here each team will be given a few pictures with a common topic and they will have to form a connection between all these pictures.
Tie breaker rounds will also be conducted if required.
Time taken also will be given equal weightage.
The teams which qualify in the 2nd round will be given 4 laws which will be the ideal laws of thermodynamics.
These laws will be incompletely filled.
The participants must complete and name the laws.
Violation of any of the above given rules on any ground by any team, will result in the team being disqualified.


DATE: March 9th 2018
TIME: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
VENUE: LHC Seminar Hall 2
Student Coordinators:-(contact us for more queries)
M Mirudula-9980934394

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