The event is a general Q&A based fun event. It consists of rounds that involve guessing and interpreting the given task or questions by the team members. The prerequisite is loosen up a lil and have fun.


  1. The participating team can consist of a maximum of three members with at least one female participant.
  2. Reporting time assigned is 1:30 as the rules and regulations will be announced beforehand.
  3. The first round is a general quiz, therefore the general rules of a quiz applies here. It is a pen and paper round. (This is the preliminary round and the 6 qualifying teams will proceed on to the next rounds).
  1. The next rounds will be announced on the spot. The teams that qualify will take part in the next three rounds and the final two winners will be awarded.

For clarifications: Potpourri is a mixture of all genres of knowledge including pop culture, sports, science and history.  

Required items: Participants need not carry anything

Violation of any of the above given rules on any ground by any team, will result in the team being disqualified.
DATE: March 8th 2018
TIME: 2:00 PM
VENUE: LHC Seminar Hall 1
Student Coordinators:-(contact us for more queries)
Lesslin Dias-7259679205
Maheshwara BN- 8105928494