Lead Beyond Boundaries




Purna Sarkar

             -Theater Coach, Founder of RCBF, Repair Cafe Bangalore (Non-Profit Organisation).

She is one of the co-organisers of Repair Café Bangalore, an initiative that promotes repair-reuse-recycle as a practice in everyday life. She is also a HR professional and a theatre practitioner.

Purna and her collaborator Antara Mukherjee, a visual artist and graphic designer, are working to bring back the idea of repairing everyday objects and reusing them as an artistic intervention. There has been a growing resistance to use and throw practice in different corners of the world with a return to the repair-reuse-recycle philosophy. Purna and Antara are planning to bring awareness to school children about this philosophy so that they understand the importance of recycling at an early age.

Dr. Vyjayanthi

             -Psychiatrist (MSRMC)

She currently holds the position of Associate professor in Department of Psychiatry, MS Ramaiah Medical College Gokula extension Bengaluru, Consultant Psychiatrist in MS Ramaiah Teaching Hospitals, MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, MS Ramaiah Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals in Mind Heart Clinic and Indian Institute of Sciences Health Center.

She has collaboratively worked as Consultant Psychiatrist in Suicide Prevention Clinic, Well woman Clinic (a clinic by the women for the women) and Collaborative Child response unit. She is also a speaker on various psychiatry related subjects and panel discussions on local radio and TV channels.

Vanaja H Rao

             -10 years of banking experience and 37 Years experience as a Yoga Instructor. Serving socially with a NGO.

Vijayalakshmi Ragothaman

             -Program Director for IBM Cloud Platform Developer Services

She has played multiple roles through her career spanning across Client Management, Technical Sales, Business Development, Service Delivery, Service Management, Offering Management, Knowledge Management & Transformation in addition to Product (IBM Cloud) Development. 
She has worked for companies like Hewlett Packard, Wipro, Global Software prior to joining IBM. She has also been a great advocate of Gender Diversity & Technical Vitality through her career.

Shruthi Bhat


Shruti Bhat is a young , talented musician and orator with an excellent academic career . She is a multi faceted personality, born and brought up in Sirsi, North Canara .

Hindustani classical Vocalist – Shruti is a promising Hindustani classical vocalist. Born in a musical family, Miss Shruti had her initial training from her mother Smt Laxmi Bhat and then from Smt Geetha Hegde. At the age of 20 she joined the legendary musician of India Pt Vinayak Torvi, for advanced training in Kirana and Gwalior school of music.


DATE: March 8th 2018
TIME: 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM
VENUE: HI-TECH Seminar Hall