Mrs. Meera Kaushal


“Challenges and Technology development by Women Engineers”

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from University of Visvesvaraiah, College of Engineering, she started her career in Gas Turbine Research Establishment and Defence Research and Development Organisation under the umbrella of Ministry of Defence in Bangalore. The establishment gave her a vast exposure in the areas of design, research and development of aero gas turbine engine and program management.

She started with the aerodynamic & mechanical design of cooled axial flow gas turbines and validated aerodynamic and blade cooling designs in test rigs for its performance as part of research projects. As Head of Heat Transfer Group, she led the team to design and develop advanced complex state-of-the-art film cooled blade design technology for Kaveri engine at par with the technology available with leading OEMs such as GE, SNECMA, Pratt & Whitney .

In addition, she set up a first of its kind, full scale, test facility in the country with all operational and research instrumentation simulating the actual engine condition (25 bar Pr, 1700K Gas Temp) to study the cooling effectiveness of high pressure turbine vanes and blades. She also developed intrusive and non intrusive methods for mapping blade surface temperature.

Analytical capability to evaluate thermal behavior of the entire engine from intake to exhaust was developed. Designs were fine tuned with 2D/3D steady state and transient analysis and validated with engine test data. She developed  Accelerated Simulated Mission Endurance Test (ASMET), Accelerated Mission testing (AMT) schedules and  Mission Mix profiles for component life evaluation.

As Program Director, she headed various hot end module groups including Engine Control system group and evolved test schedules for certification of Kaveri Engine and its variants. As part of the review team, she reviewed the altitude testing of core & Kaveri engine at Ciam, Moscow,  Russia and Flying test bed at GFRI, Russia. She has guided more than 25 students in their project work and has authored over 20 papers in National & International

DATE: March 9th 2018
TIME: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
VENUE: HI-TECH Seminar Hall